“Strong Back—Soft Front” 💜

HELLO! It’s been three months since my last post, and I’ve got to tell you the minute you think your healing is complete is when your next mission starts. Let’s dive in! “All too often, our so-called strength comes from fear, not love; instead of having a strong back, many of us have a defended…

On Location! 📍💕🌻

Hey guys! As always, I’m back! A couple of days ago, while getting ready for work, I decided to listen to a podcast. Man, it was right on time! Dr. Brenè Brown is one of my favorite authors, and her research on shame, courage, and other emotions has truly been inspiring to say the least….

Give in or Grow? 🌷

Week 6 of writer’s block, and I’ve had enough. I’ve started posts. I’ve deleted posts. I’ve napped, cried, rewatched NCIS more times than I’d care to admit, and still—nothing. I got some unsolicited advice and quickly tossed it to the side. Because…honestly? How can this advice be sound? In actuality…it was the best advice ever….