Focus On Your Strengths 💪🏽🏋🏽‍♀️

I’m glad to be back! The spring semester of grad school is finally finished. This go-around was different from the last, and although there were struggles, I found my strengths.

What are your strengths?

I found out just how strong I was during the pandemic, but I never honestly thought about my strengths. What are my good attributes? What do I contribute? When you’re on a healing journey—you tend to focus on what you need to change. What do you need to release? But do we ever stop and think of our strengths? The qualities that kept us safe? This season of my life has tasked me to do just that.

When you Google the word strength, there are several different definitions. I scrolled until I found the one I was looking for. “A good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing.—Google, 2022”


I took a test from this website (, and it was about 120 questions. The directions said don’t overthink it, just take it, and at the end, you’ll get your five strengths. I was blown away by the results. I’m working on being more transparent, so I’ll share mine first!☺️

1. Catalyst-“Your objective is to act and initiate action. You don’t like waiting until all discussions are over and are impatient to [actually] start doing things. You agree that sometimes progress can be achieved in the meeting room, but [deep down] you know it’s real action that leads to tangible results. While others prefer to wait until they have all the necessary information to act, you feel that action is the most valuable teacher and the best source of information. How can you know something doesn’t work if you haven’t tried it? You make a decision, [ then you] take action, look at the results, and learn. Because of this, you are often impatient for things to happen—and when they don’t, it can lead to tension and confusion with the others involved. Still, your talent [for] transforming intangible ideas into tangible actions is invaluable [to] every team. You believe that you will be remembered by what you accomplish, not what you say or think.”

2. Time Keeper- “Your objective is to set timelines and deadlines. Surprises annoy you, so you prefer to plan everything. You don’t necessarily need full control, but there must be order and predictability in the world around you. You unconsciously impose structure into everything by setting up routines, timelines, and deadlines. If you make plans, you follow them thoroughly, no matter what. In a team or project environment, your need for structure and discipline are extremely valuable in maintaining progress and productivity.”

3. Coach- “Your goal is to develop people’s potential. You believe that, contrary to what some might think, everybody has the potential for development. No one has ever reached the ultimate level of excellence—there is always room for growth. It is your personal mission to help others realize and use their potential to experience success. As a result, you always look for ways to facilitate their learning, from challenging their thoughts in a discussion to creating environments that facilitate progress. As a leader, you truly care about the development of your team members, and they respect you for that.”

4. Believer- “Your objective is to believe and do ‘the right thing.’ Of course, ‘the right thing’ differs from person to person, but what’s certain is that you are not ready to compromise your values. Your impeccable set of values is like a compass that guides you. It provides direction and gives your life meaning and satisfaction. For you, money is not the ultimate measure of success. Some people call you the ‘person of purpose.’ And it’s true—you choose to surround yourself with people who respect and align with your ideals. You only participate in projects you believe in, and team members respect your integrity, consistency, and reliability.”

5. Self-Believer- “Your objective is to radiate confidence. You are not worried about what the future holds, and deep inside your heart, you know that you will get through no matter what happens. Your inner confidence and self-motivation allow you to take risks, face new challenges, stake claims, and most importantly, deliver on your word. Your confidence applies not only to your abilities but also to your judgments. You seem to make the right decisions in all situations, which, for others, creates a sense of trust and security. This feeling of certainty is crucial for driving the decision-making process in any team.”

This test was the refresher I needed to remind myself to shift how I handle conversations with myself. We are our own worst critics. We often talk ourselves out of things or downplay our successes without trying, and it’s not good. It’s not a healthy place to visit. So it’s essential to take the time to shift. Put those strengths front and center, and remember who you are and what you offer to those blessed to know you.


I want you to take some time and focus on your strengths. Take the quiz if you have 10-15 minutes to spare! Open your mind and make room for positivity. The more time you spend focusing on your opportunities for change, the less time you have to amplify your strengths. Pocahontas IS my favorite movie; I literally watched it every day when I was a child. It was something about her that stuck with me. She carved her own path, and I’ve been doing the same this year. I plan on using my 5 strengths to follow my path. So, I saved a little clip that I want you to take with you. A pick me up to carry while you show off your strengths.

Grandmother Willow’s Advice

Take Care,



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