Guess Who’s Back? 😉

Hey Gardeners! I know it’s been quite some time since the last post, so I wanted to let you know—I’m fine! LOL! I’ve been working, going to school, learning, listening, and trying to be as present as possible. I’ve been “focusing in” on different areas of my life. It’s been rewarding, and I want to share some of my takeaways.

One of the first things I learned about healing—is that it is so easy to get stuck on the highs. The moments of enlightenment. So easy that you may find yourself constantly seeking that “deeper meaning” in every situation, no matter how big or small. Sometimes, there is no “deeper” meaning. It’s just a day that doesn’t quite give much bang for your buck. When that happens, it can cause you to shift your focus. I want to give you some tips to help you reel it back in.


1. Notice the distractions. ⚠️

Basically, distractions are things that happen. Not necessarily bad—just events that occur. It’s important to watch the negative connotations when speaking. It’s easy to label anything that halts us as negative, but sometimes a distraction can be the most fun thing you’ve done in a while. Acknowledge those events and seek to understand their purpose. Pushing distractions to the side only activates the wheel of procrastination. That’s the last thing we need to deter our focus. Learning your authentic self will help you maneuver through the distractions and come out with a renewed focus. We don’t want to go around the distractions—that doesn’t help us learn and grow. We grow through them to break the pattern.

2. Remember to have compassion & grace. 🌻

Don’t beat yourself up! YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON. I want you to write that down, tape it all over your house, anywhere you need it. Make it a mantra because you have to believe it. I had a rough day, so I called my mommy. She told me, “People see the good in you, but you must see it too!” I needed that. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in checking things off you don’t do anymore that when you encounter a moment of uncertainty—you think all hope is lost. That’s okay. It’s okay because that is life. You have to give yourself the compassion and grace needed to change your mind, make mistakes, be distracted, and be human. Life is ever-changing, so you should enjoy it to the fullest! To do that, you have to be kind to your heart. 💕

3. Write the goals out again. ✍🏽

If you have been on social media, I know you have seen people discuss manifesting and how to do it. I never knew the proper term for it until 2019. I just called mine—to-do. My “to-do” lists would range from short-term goals, long-term goals—even my wildest dreams. Once I started focusing on how to complete these goals, I realized what I was doing. I was setting my intentions and speaking life into my thoughts. There are times when you need a refresher. Write those goals out again. Hone in and focus on how you can go about achieving what you want. You wrote it down once— it is already yours! Just focus on how to bring it home.

4. Walk in your truth! 😇

BE YOU. That is the easiest way for me to put it. Just be you. Do not dim your light or brush off what makes you amazing. Be free and be yourself. Remember, life should not be about who finished it first or who did it the best—it should be about you being authentic and full of love, compassion, & grace for yourself. So be you at all times. Even if you feel a little low vibrational. Do not think of it as your last stop—but as a place where you can stop and plant some flowers. 🌺

Life is constantly reminding me to keep going and growing. Letting go of the old and embracing the new. I worked hard to establish my garden, so now I am venturing out to cultivate the life of my dreams. I hope this post will help rejuvenate your mind and boost your desire to keep moving!

Take Care,

ToriB 💕🌻


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  1. Boss B says:

    Beautiful content and very informative and some good nuggets for life growth❤️❤️Continue to grow your garden as you grow my child 😍😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ToriB says:

      Thank you so much, Mommy!😍🥰


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