It’s a trap! 😱

Have you ever found yourself doing something that you’ve never done before and rocking it out? I mean taking a chance and making moves. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a voice says, “What are you doing? Are you sure that’s right?”

That little voice is insecurity slowly creeping in and making its unwanted presence known. I know that voice all too well. There are so many things that I have started and stopped because of that little voice. I had to learn to distinguish that voice from the truthβ€”that can be hard to do.

Working while having dreams can be a lot on a person’s plate. I’ve always done work and school so having a lot on my plate is nothing new. How I handled the things on my plate, now that’s where I needed work. We all heard at some point in our life that “Anything worth having is worth fighting for.” If you want to accomplish anything, you have to work hard (fight) to get it. Well, here’s the thingβ€”I got tired of fighting. I want all of my dreams, but I don’t feel like I should have to fight. It’s such a strong and adrenaline-fueled word reserved for those times when life is testing you. There’s no choice but to “show them who you are!” (Queen Ramonda)

But the times I’m referring to are the ones when there is no immediate danger. No point to prove, just you and your thoughts. You and fear. You and past disappointments. Youβ€”and the trap.

What’s the trap?

Society has groomed us to follow the wheel. You may call it the American Dream, but to meβ€”it’s a wheel. It’s never-ending like that chicken strip basket every restaurant magically has on the menu. It’s the subconscious option that you choose when that voice gets a little too loud. You don’t mean to, but it happens. You take a look at life and decide, “Maybe it’s best if I don’t rock the boat right now.” Next thing you know, six months have passed, a year, and that dream is still on your mental to-do list.

So how do I leave the trap? How do I end this cycle?

Self-awareness. By definition, self-awareness is “Conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires.” (Oxford Dictionary, 2021) Learning yourself is the key to dialing that voice back and also truly becoming one with yourself. Self-awareness is what allows you to be confident in who you are and what you’re capable of doing.

Surround yourself with a network of positive vibes!

Networks are connections. That’s the easiest way to put it. If you are on social media, you can find a network for anything. Have you ever thought of being your own network? Pulling your happiness from within yourself? In business, you use a network to advance your position or land yourself in the sights of someone who could give you the “nod of approval” and change your life forever. Don’t get me wrong! We need to communicate with people and use our skills to keep our worlds rotating.

Sometimes, what I need has nothing to do with a “nod”β€”but it has everything to do with creating a network within myself. I am aware of my inherent goodness. I plan on holding to that with all my mightβ€”no matter how much talking that little annoying voice tries to do. Realizing the trap and choosing a new route because I have the self-awareness to do so. I no longer subscribe to fighting to get the job done. I can take a look at my dream, narrow my focus and ask myself, “How can I go about accomplishing this?” From there, I go to my network and find the resources I need to get the ball rolling.

There is so much more to life than fighting to get to the end. It’s all about the moments in between. Lessons and blessings come along to reassure you to keep going and know that little voice of insecurity is wrong. That’s why you have to get off the wheel. You have to make an effort to avoid the trap and create whatever dream you want to have.


Moving forward, I hope and pray for continuing self-awareness. Avoiding the trap of insecurity and choosing to walk through the flowers. I hope you join me. Keep glowing and growing!

Take Care,



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  1. Ty says:


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  2. Krys Litzsey says:

    I’m glad you made room on your plate for this blog. Your blogs are so dope. Keep Growing, You Are Amazing ❀️

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