Energy Report! 🔋👷🏽‍♀️

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I am a thinker. Constantly learning to stay grounded in my thinking is something I choose daily. It has been rewarding work to make my mind a safe space. I know you might think, “Your mind isn’t safe?!” It is, I promise! 😂 Follow me for a bit…


I have noticed that people are mentioning matching energies and treating people how they treat you. I use to think this was the ultimate power move. Let me just give you what you gave me and see how you like that. It does not teach anybody anything, because we are all working off our own experiences. If someone is unfamiliar with a certain principle you are attempting to uphold, how can they be responsible?

“It takes time to break the habit of matching others energy. And it’s imperative in our ability to express who we authentically are.”—Maryam Hasnaan

I am a giver. A big lesson for me was learning expectations. What can we expect from ourselves? From others? I am here to answer both.

• Expect everything from yourself—choose to show up daily.

• Lowering your expectations of others will save energy in the long run.

It is easy to become wrapped up in the should of, could of, and would of thoughts that hit you when you are in a heightened emotional state. Those thoughts can be overwhelming. It can cause you to want to cancel everything and everyone. You might say this classic line: I’m cutting people off…I’m changing! Can I offer you another route? Instead of cutting people off, try shifting the expenditure of energy. Lower the expectations you had for them and put that energy back into you. Set a boundary. Knowing your limits and standing firm within those can be a breath of fresh air for the overwhelmed mind. Also, you might find out, once you choose you—some people will cut themselves off. 🙂

Let’s get to the Garden…💕🌻

As always, I hit up Google to provide some insight for this correlation. Here’s what I asked: “How are plants sensitive to the environment around them?” The answer was super simple.

Plants can sense weather changes and temperatures as well. Plants have specific regulators, plant hormones, minerals and ions that are involved in cell signaling and are important in environmental sensing. In fact, without these, the plants will not grow properly.” (

Now flip the analogy to suit our needs. We have everything we need inside of us to survive. When there is a shift, we have the resources or access to resources (within reason) to restore our environment to one that we can function in comfortably. So when something causes anger, sadness, or leaves you confused…tap into your regulators. Plants don’t get mad at the changes in the environment. They don’t stop growing—they pull from within, adapting and overcoming. We have to be flexible just like that. Don’t stop being you because someone let you down. Let us not match the energy. Assess the situation and set a boundary. If you’re a giver like me, you can’t help it. It’s just who you are. Why would you ever take that from the world? Trust me, I know it’s hard. When someone hurts you, you want to pack it all up and not give the world a chance to do that again. But the world did not do that to you. Someone not operating authentically did that. Set a boundary, or if you feel the time has come, remove yourself from that situation. But please, do not stop being you. Matching energies takes too much energy.

Who’s responsibility is it? 💭

When it comes to me and my peace of mind? I am responsible. For my actions, reactions, impact, all of it. I am responsible for myself and how I choose to function throughout my life. There are going to be many things that shift your mindset and cause you to analyze your beliefs. You may not feel the same way you did 5, 10, or even a year ago. That is supposed to happen. Think of it as an energy report. Where is your energy going? Is it productive in this area, or is it time to shift? What do I expect from myself? How can I obtain that? Could I be expecting too much from this person? To answer these questions, you need to go to the professional. I can help you find the perfect person. Are you ready? You are the best person for this job. Seriously! You are the most qualified person there is to tap into your authenticity.

I have the most amazing editor and she gave me this nugget and I want you to have it: “…being uncomfortable pushes you more to create comfort in yourself.”—Elizabeth Higgins

That statement is so true. You will feel the need to make an energy change. It can be crazy scary, or it can be crazy good. It is all in the mindset. I hope to be more plant-like by continuing to be flexible for my ever-changing environment and blooming like no one is watching! I hope the same for you as well. Take Care!



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